by Jesse Sumrak June 08, 2016

Pulling off the bow tie is either a huge success or a major failure. You either set the new standard at every occasion or you become known as "that guy". Some will try to convince you the bow tie isn’t for everyone, telling you only certain individuals can look good wearing the classy accessory. But that simply isn’t true! Bow ties wearers aren’t born—they’re created. 

These 5 essential bow tie wearing tips will have you looking good in possibly one of the most difficult to wear men’s fashion items:

How to Style A bow tie

1. Learn to Tie Your Own Bow Tie

First, you need to tie your own bow tie. This goes beyond just being a man, but your confidence will begin to grow when you learn to tie it yourself. And forget about clip-ons and pre-tied bow ties—you’re not going to impress anyone with those. It’ll only take 5 minutes, but tying your own bow tie makes a huge difference!

2. Know When and When Not to Wear a Bow Tie

Just because you can wear a bow tie doesn’t mean you should. Bow ties just aren’t appropriate in some situations. Make sure you wear outfits that bow ties will complement. Don’t just throw one around your neck whenever you get the urge to look dapper and sophisticated.

How to Wear a Bow Tie

3. Choose the Right Fabric

You don’t want to go into a casual setting with a silk bow tie—it’s just too much. Save the elegant bow ties for the elegant occasions and wear cotton and linen ties when you’re trying to look clean and classy.

4. Expect Imperfect Knots

When it comes to bow ties, the perfect knot has imperfections. It might be slightly skewed or have rare dimples—but that’s okay! It’s actually preferred. The bow tie is meant to be quirky and different, so expect imperfect knots.

5. Be Confident

Without confidence, you’ll never be able to pull off the bow tie. No matter what fashionable style your sporting or how perfectly the bow tie fits, you need confidence. Realize you look different—and run with it. You didn’t put the bow tie on to look like everyone else, so be yourself, be confident, and look your very best. With these few simple steps, you can take the simple bow tie and turn it into your style’s most important asset.


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Jesse Sumrak
Jesse Sumrak


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