by Benjamin Steele September 09, 2016

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Did you know that in the past 10 years 30% of all American manufacturing has gone overseas? Not to mention the fact that the majority of American manufacturing was already overseas previously.

At Sir Wylde, we are committed to making all of our products here in America. Our neckwear is made in NY, our suspenders in Boston and our T-shirts are printed in Salt Lake City. 

Although it's difficult at times, we feel there's no other option. We believe in our country and want to do what we can to give back to it. As our business has grown and we have built close relationships with those who make our good. It's given us total satisfaction for what we do.  

American-made Clothing and Manufacturing

So how exactly does it work? Here is the process of making one Sir Wylde necktie from concept to creation: 

(1) We brainstorm. Through much discussion, drawing and experimentation, we first decide upon the necktie concept. We don't stop brainstorming until we are absolutely 100% satisfied.  

(2) We contact our fabric manufacturers and acquire the perfect fabrics for our idea. This includes the main necktie fabric, the interlining (what goes inside), the necktie tipping (what goes on the two ends) and the threading. The fabric can vary from denim, cotton, wool, felt, flannel, canvas and many other options. With the manufacturer we create the perfect fabrics; either by matching it to something they currently have or developing it from scratch.

(3) Our woven labels are also sourced, most recently from a factory in North Carolina. 

(4) We send our fabric bundle along with our pattern (basically a blueprint for production) to our neckwear factory in New York.

(5) Our neckties are added to production floor and go through more than 25 steps in the hand making process. Some of these steps include cutting, sewing the tips, ironing and hand sewing up the middle of the tie. A different seamstress typically operates each individual step during production. 

(6) The necktie is finished with the Sir Wylde label and shipped to our office in Downtown Provo.

(7) We then fulfill the order ourselves and ship it. 

From start to finish one necktie may touch over 40 U.S. citizens. It's not that we think that someone from America is somehow better than someone from another country. That's not it at all. 

We just believe that it's important to give back to our own. We also believe in the tradition and skill that goes into each one of our products. 

American-made Manufacturing and Clothing

It seems that American-made may become even more rare. We hope this is not the case.

Thank you,

Sir Wylde  

P.S. - Briefly, we wanted to list a few of our other favorite American-made brands. 

  1. Buck Mason - American-made t-shirts, jeans, hats and other clothing. 
  2. Red Wing Heritage - Boots for every man and woman. 
  3. RPM West - Quality clothing and accessories. Based out of California. 

Benjamin Steele
Benjamin Steele


CEO and Founder of Sir Wylde. Lover of men's fashion, motorcycles, The Western Frontier and all things vintage.

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