by Benjamin Steele August 24, 2016

The open road. Not a place for the faint of heart or those without the internal drive to move forward. Meant for those who long for adventure and take the challenge of life by the horns. Here at Sir Wylde we are not unfamiliar with the open road. As a new brand we’ve had nothing but the open road in front of us. We’ve hit some bumps and have had a few flat tires, but it’s been a great ride so far. We believe that our iron stead is well oiled and purring like a kitten.

Recently we traveled to the West Coast for trade shows in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. The time we spent in those beautiful and unique cites, coupled with the time spent on the open road gave us an experience we will never forget. However, these experiences have lead us to a fork in the road and drove us to question who we really are as a brand. Something inside us changed as we saw the road pass by and saw the amazing people in these unique cities. If we were to be true to our nature, true to the American spirit and true to American handmade, we felt we were going to have to change a few things.

We are first and for most American. We love and adore or beautiful homeland with its open roads and diverse landscapes. Second, we are handmade. True to the spirit of the American artisans and craftsman, we want to embody the rugged and distinguished style of those skilled Americans. We are more than just neckties. A tie is one way you can accent your style as a perfect complement to your outfit, but we know that this isn’t the only thing you can do. Our handmade suspenders, bow ties t-shirts and pocket squares will also give give you the look we have grown to love. America isn’t just a white shirt and a tie, America can be a t-shirt with suspenders, or a bow-tie and a fedora. America is all about the unique people that live in it.

We are so grateful for everyone who has supported us on our journey through American’s open roads and believed in our brand. We promise to always give you a quality handmade product that is unique and really portrays the uniqueness of America's skilled artisans.

Check out the changes we’ve made on our website and in our product lines:

Bow Ties
Pocket Squares


Sir Wylde

Benjamin Steele
Benjamin Steele


CEO and Founder of Sir Wylde. Lover of men's fashion, motorcycles, The Western Frontier and all things vintage.

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