by Jesse Sumrak June 21, 2016

Once, not long ago, suspenders were the go-to accessory for holding your trousers up.

Young and old, farmers and businessmen—all men alike relied on suspenders.

But where have the suspenders gone? Only a few bold gentlemen still valiantly strap up their shoulders and pull up their pants—the rest have fallen to the men’s fashion enemy.

The belt.

Suspenders, the timeless classic, are making a noble effort to reclaim the modern gentlemen’s favor, and these 3 benefits alone are reason enough to hang up your belt and strap on your suspenders.

Let Your Pants Fall Naturally

Belts always cinch a portion of your pants, clamping delicate fabric together to tighten around your waist. Unfortunately, this causes a slight portion of the pants to billow out over top of the belt. Regardless if your pants are too loose, too tight, or just right, belts always create an irregular clamp around your waist.

Suspenders don’t share the same issue. Because the suspenders raise your pants from the shoulders, your pants fall naturally from the waist down. Not only does this look good, but it also reduces abdominal stress caused by a belt.

Build Better Posture

Your body naturally straightens and balances itself when you wear suspenders. By applying pressure to your shoulders, suspenders unconsciously cause you to compensate by maintaining better posture.

Posture helps you stand taller and straighter, which contributes to your confidence, as well as your health. Who would have thought looking dapper could improve your health too?

Create a Slim Image

Whether you’re overweight or just trying to promote a leaner appearance, suspenders create a vertical eye path that has a slimming effect. Try lighter suspenders with dark clothes or dark suspenders with brighter clothes to make dramatic body transformations. Combine this with a proper sized tie and you’ll be looking trim and slim, well-dressed and stylish.

Suspenders may have lost the battle, but they will not lose the war. Join America’s Gentlemen in the fight against easy and effortless belts in favor of supportive and stylish suspenders.


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Jesse Sumrak
Jesse Sumrak


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