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Some would say Butch Cassidy captured the charm of America in the early 1900’s; others would claim he was nothing more than an outlaw. Either way, he had damn good style.


10 Fashion Products that Butch Cassidy would wear

Robert Leroy Parker, later known as Butch Cassidy, was born in Utah on April 13th, 1866 - the same year dynamite was invented. The oldest of 13 children, Cassidy left home at a young age to work on ranches and he would maintain a lifelong goal to be a successful rancher. 

It wasn't long before Mr. Cassidy settled into a life of crime. His first major offense was in 1889, when, at the age of 23, Butch robbed a bank with two accomplices. He would use the money the following year to buy his own ranch. A few years later, in 1894, Cassidy was arrested and spent 18 months in jail before being pardoned by the Governor of Wyoming.

Cassidy's life of crime eventually led him to form the infamous outlaw gang, The Wild Bunch. The gang committed a string of robberies that gained them the attention of The Pinkerton National Detective Agency, who relentless pursued other famous criminals like Jesse James. 

In 1901, Cassidy fled to Buenos Aires, Argentina in attempt to evade American authorities, but he would never escape a life of crime. Eventually, he would also live on the run as a fugitive of South American law enforcement.

The details of his Cassidy's death are still uncertain. What we know is that in 1908, two Americans ambushed a small courier in Bolivia, making off with almost 15,000 Bolivian pesos. After escaping to a local boarding house, the owner of the lodge became suspicious and alerted the local cavalry. When the cavalry arrived, a deadly shootout ensued that left two dead Americans in the boarding house. The dead are thought to be Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, but no one was able to identify the bandits before they were buried in unmarked graves. This has led to speculation that Cassidy survived and perhaps made it back to the USA.

Unofficial grave marker for Butch Cassidy in Bolivia. Credit Tyler Bridges.

In his memory, we are going to highlight 10 American-made products of the 21st century that Butch Cassidy would have been proud to own. We chose products that define the superior design, craftsmanship and quality of the 20th century. Make sure to take particular note of number six. 

1. The Walter Lace Up by Frye - $398

This American-made boot has deep roots with a company formed three years before the birth of Cassidy himself. The smooth leather, stitched toe and Whisky color remind us of a proud time in our history when boots were made by hand. There is good reason this brand has been around for over 200 years as the craftsmanship and style are so distinct and timeless that Butch Cassidy could lace them up in 1901 or 2016.

Frye Logan Boot in Whiskey

2. Smoke Pinpoint Oxford by Buck Mason - $125

The Oxford is a classic piece that you can dress up with khakis, or down with a pair of solid American-made jeans. The Smoke Pinpoint Oxford offers a tighter weave resulting in a crisp look and a modern fit that looks great untucked. This should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. 

Smoke Pinpoint Oxford by Buck Mason

3. Woolly Mammoth Tusk Damascus by Santa Fe Stoneworks - $210

A work of art, this four-inch blade features Damascus Steel and Wooly Mammoth Tusk. The Damascus holds an edge and is known to be rust free. The true beauty comes from the tusk inlay used to honor an animal that probably stood over 15,000 years ago.

Damascus Mammoth Blade by Santa Fe Stoneworks

4. Gritty.Business by Kevin.Murphy - $30

Gritty.Business perfectly describes Mr. Cassidy’s line of work. The strong hold from Bentonite Clay, minimum shine from beeswax, and strengthening properties of Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil come together to create a product that looks good in the city and holds strong on the ranch. 


5. Armor by Zippo - $252

You probably didn’t see this one coming. This classic American lighter comes in brushed Sterling Silver. It also ships with a black velour hinged box and a lifetime guarantee. Because Zippos are known for their quality and windproof capabilities, this lighter is the obvious choice for a man of style. 

Sterling Silver Zippo

6. Revenant Brown Leather Suspenders by Sir Wylde $126 

Revenant means “a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead”. This is appropriate because people from New York to Paris claim that to have seen Butch Cassidy long after his death. Designed for quality and hand-sewn in Boston, our suspenders are made from 100% genuine oil tanned American cowhide and solid hardware.

Revenant Suspenders by Sir Wylde

7. M1 Slim Taper by Bluer Denim - $145

Made in Portland with cotton grown in Georgia, these jeans are made to last. Available in several clean and simple washes, the slim taper fit looks great with any shirt and boot.  The Bluer business model is among the best. They source and construct in the USA, sell online to deliver a premium product and have a commitment to giving back to the community. 







8. Roland - Crew Socks Retro Stripes Black by Zkano - $16

These are the perfect pair of boot socks! They are made in Alabama, featuring organic cotton and low impact dies. These socks are ribbed for comfort and Zkano is known for making products that fit great and keep their shape. 

Roland- Crew Socks Retro Stripes Black

9. No. 3 Wallet by Ezra Arthur - $60

In a modern era of credit cards and paperless receipts, the No. 3 wallet in Golden Tan is perfectly crafted for everyday use. The wallet features 3 pockets, a tapered shape and a beautiful feel. This item will literally last a lifetime. The best part is that it is designed, sourced and handcrafted in the USA. If you are using a clunky bi-fold, the No. 3 wallet is a perfect upgrade.

No. 3 Wallet by Makers Market

10. American Trench Coat by American Trench - $795

Cassidy might have been a criminal, but that didn’t stop him from dressing smarter than a politician. This American Trench Coat is years in the making. It is cut and sewn in NJ with cotton grown and spun in the USA. It features modern updating with room for a blazer, plaid lining, detachable hood, a pocket for your smart phone, and a hidden pocket for valuables. This trench is both smooth and fringe. 

Trench Coat by American Trench Coat

At Sir Wylde, we appreciate the design and craftsmanship of American-made. In our opinion, American quality products are often superior. We are proud to honor Butch Cassidy and share these 10 products with you. 

Thank you,

Sir Wylde

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Zachary Carey
Zachary Carey


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