Our Story

Sir Wylde encompasses the classic, vintage look of early America through our entirely American-handmade clothing and accessories. Whereas our competition may cut corners to make a cheaper product, we use only the best possible materials and manufacturing methods. We consider ourselves some of the remaining U.S. Artisans, who value a handmade item for its quality and character. 

In addition to making our products in America, we also work to show our gratitude to and support those who protect this great country. To do so, we donate a percentage of all of our revenue to Team Red, White & Blue, an organization that benefits U.S. Veterans and their families. 


A few years before founding this brand, I was living abroad in Wylde Green, England (hence the name Sir Wylde). While in England, I learned a lot about myself and also gained a passion for entrepreneurship and fashion. Although I didn't know exactly how it would happen, I knew that I wanted to start a clothing brand. 

About a year after returning to the states, in the fall of 2015, I started designing and sewing neckties in my college apartment. This was the beginnings of the brand you know today. 

This brand has become my true passion in life. As I've developed closer relationships with the men and women who craft our products, I've begun to see the true value of what we do. 

Thank you,
Benjamin Steele
Founder of Sir Wylde  
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